About us

wattokainiklas.jpg Watto’s Junkyard GbR was founded in February 2017 with the purpose to recreate detailed and authentic replicas from our most favorite space opera.

Watto’s is Niklas Reichert and Kai Kraudi, both living in Germany. When they started it was more or less just a hobby and about their personal collections because the both of them have been huge fans since their early childhood. Niklas and Kai never imaged that their first two designs, the Pariah and Tusken Slayer, would be so well received and would establish a company exporting saber replicas to a worldwide community.

But of course, they didn’t do this without support or partners. Cooperations with Markus Hanke of Saberproject Shop and Derrek Day of Phoenix Props contributed to Watto’s success. Derrek took care of bringing their first design from 3D files to an aluminum prototype and finally to production. Of course, the investment into this very limited run of 10 hilts and the ongoing projects wouldn’t have paid off, if the saber community hadn’t put their trust into Watto’s.

Watto’s Junkyard is run part time while Niklas and Kai are working their daily jobs. Niklas is a metal worker and has a Bachelor’s degree in metal design. Currently he is doing his Master’s degree. He taught Kai how to design 3D objects and build up the business together with him when they were just students at the university. Kai has a Master’s degree in political science and is working as a teacher for German as foreign language and consultant for migrants to start up their own business in Germany.

At Watto’s both are involved in setting up productions, sales, quality control and shipping but most importantly they are dedicated designers by heart, who are happy to discuss your ideas. All sales of DIY kits at the website of Watto’s Junkyard will be handled only by Kai and Niklas personally. No other party is involved in designing, sales, quality control and shipping, if not explicitly named.

While focusing mainly on replica designs Watto is about to expand its product range into custom designs.