Pariah Gen3

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Target pricing is 400€ to 500€ per fx DIY kit (single hilt) cnc machined from aluminum. 


Wird geladen…

The Pariah

The Pariah was the very first DIY kit Watto’s Junkyard GbR designed and produced. It’s completely milled by a cnc machine – not cast. The Pariah resembles the elegant, curved saber a well-known abandoned female force learner used after her fall to the dark side to hunt her enemies down with her distinctive red blade in the animated adventures of our favorite space saga. A pair of Pariahs can be connected to an s-curved saber staff by a special coupler.

The DIY kit is made of high quality materials to give you an authentic feel for a weapon as elegant as fearsome from a galaxy far, far away: anodized, painted and polished aluminum.

The scale of the Pariah saber hilt kit is 1:1 and its details have been carefully recreated. Since the first release of this model kit multiple changes have been made to the original design to achieve the most accurate look by avoiding visible screws or seam lines and of course visible switches.

The overall length is 240mm while the outer diameter is just 31mm. Its weight is 300g. The hilt is able to accept a 7/8-inch blade and to house electronics. It is offered as a DIY FX kit. Electronics are not included. The sabers are sold individually and as a pair.

The DIY kit consists of:

·       Collectors Box (upcoming generations)

·       Certificate of Authenticity (upcoming generations)

·       Saber hilt

The hilt breaks down into 18 pieces:

·       Emitter (painted and polished Aluminum)

·       Emitter Fins (polished Aluminum, 5 Pieces)

·       Blade Plug (polished Aluminum)

·       Red Button (red anodized Aluminum)

·       Red Button Rod (polished Aluminum)

·       Upper Main Body (painted and polished Aluminum)

·       Lower Main Body (painted and polished Aluminum)

·       Side Bars (polished Aluminum, 2 Pieces)

·       Bolts (polished Aluminum, 2 Pieces)

·       Display Pommel (polished Aluminum)

·       Sound Vented Pommel (polished Aluminum)

·       Sound Vented Coupler (polished Aluminum, only sold with a pair)

We highly recommend to use the replica for display purpose and not for dueling.

All sales of DIY kits at the website of Watto’s Junkyard will be handled only by Watto’s Junkyard GbR personally. No other party is involved in designing, sales, quality control and shipping, if not explicitly named.