Spectre Six

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Target pricing is 400€ to 450€ per fx DIY kit (single hilt) cnc machined from aluminum. 


Wird geladen…

Spectre Six

Spectre Six was a codename for a rebel agent and force learner during the galactic civil war. Our “Spectre Six” model kit is a mix of a saber and blaster and therefore an unique weapon used in close and remote combat from our most favorite science fiction television series. You can definitely identify the saber i.e. blaster by its unconventional style and design built with found parts.

The saber i.e. blaster is produced from high quality materials to match the look and feel like it actually used in outer space: steel, anodized and polished aluminum, copper and rubber.

The scale of the Spectre 1:1 and its details have been carefully accounted by taking close references. The total length is 223mm. The outer diameter at the main handle is 36 mm. Its weight is 790g. The kit is able to accept a 7/8-inch blade and to house electronics for a saber as well as blaster. It is offered as a DIY FX kit. Electronics are not included. The DIY kit consists of:

  • Collectors Box
  • Saber hilt i.e. blaster pistol

The hilt breaks down into 29 pieces:

  • Shroud (Black anodized aluminum)
  • Shroud Greeble (Aluminum)
  • Shroud Greeble Top (Rubber)
  • Blade Plug (partly black anodized aluminum)
  • Blaster Plug (frosted plastic)
  • Emitter, fx (partly black anodized aluminum)
  • Saber Emitter (Green anodized aluminum)
  • Blaster Emitter (Green anodized aluminum)
  • Blaster Emitter Guard (Steel)
  • Blaster Nozzle PT1 (Aluminum)
  • Blaster Nozzle PT2 (Copper)
  • Heat Sinks for Saber and Blaster (Copper, 2 Pieces)
  • Internal Connector (aluminum)
  • Bolts (Aluminum, 3 Pieces)
  • Red Thumbscrew (Red anodized aluminum)
  • Lever (Red anodized aluminum)
  • Main Body (partly black anodized aluminum)
  • Main Body Ring (Copper)
  • Main Body Door (steel)
  • Bridge (Grey anodized aluminum)
  • Bridge Support (Aluminum)
  • Small Bolt (Black anodized aluminum)
  • D-Ring Holder (Grey anodized aluminum)
  • D-Ring (Steel)
  • Display Pommel (Polished Aluminum)
  • Sound Vented Pommel (Polished Aluminum)

We highly recommend to use the replica for display purpose and not for dueling.

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