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Sword of the Force
Sword of the Force The "Sword of the Force" DIY kit is inspired by the hilt a student of the force wielded in the expanded universe to fight against the remnants of the empire. She was the daughter of a well-known space smuggler and a famous princess. It’s made from high quality materials to give you an authentic feel for this saber hilt: polished and anodized aluminum. The scale of the “Sword of the Force” DIY kit is 1:1 and its details have been carefully recreated. The overall length is 294,5mm while the outer diameter is just 32mm. Its weight is 240g. The hilt is able to accept a 1-inch blade and to house electronics. It is offered as a DIY FX kit. Electronics are not included. The DIY kit consists of: Collectors BoxCertificate of AuthenticitySaber hilt The hilt breaks down into 15 pieces: Display Emitter (polished partly black anodized aluminum) FX-Emitter, 1in (polished partly black anodized aluminum)FX-Emitter, 7/8in (polished partly black anodized aluminum)Blade Adapter 7/8 - 1in (polished Aluminum)Main Body, Upper (polished partly black anodized aluminum)Main Body, Lower (polished partly black anodized aluminum)LED Beezle with translucent LEDs (polished aluminum, 4 Pieces)Card (Plastic)Switch Box (polished aluminium)Covertec Wheel (polished Aluminum)Pommel Ring (polished Aluminum)Sound Vented Pommel (polished Aluminum) This saber is made for display purpose and also allows dueling. All sales of DIY kits at the website of Watto’s Junkyard will be handled only by Watto’s Junkyard GbR personally. No other party is involved in designing, sales, quality control and shipping, if not explicitly named. Preorder: the hilts will be likely ready to ship by about August 2023. Please allow some additional time for reviewing and shipping. Please be aware this is an estimate and no binding delivery date. Delays caused by manufacturing issues, customs and acts of nature are beyond our control. We will inform you about the progress of production by email. Payment schedule: The total amount consists of two installments. Each installment is about 50 percent of the total amount (199,00€) plus shipping: Installment due at check out Installment plus shipping costs due when the hilts are ready for delivery  If you wish, you are also able to pay the complete amount at once. Nevertheless shipping costs will be invoiced when the hilts are ready to ship.

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