Product number: LM_Gen1
Product information "Lasermaster"

The Lasermaster is not based on a certain design we know from a galaxy far far away. The design is highly customable with for example etching, leather wraps and other options. This saber is for all who want to cosplay their very own force sensitive character or have a proper saber duel.

The hilt is made from high quality materials to give you the authentic feel of our favorite franchise: polished aluminum, copper and brass. Emitter can be aligned in various orientations. It comes with two different necks and multiple switch inserts in different colors, which can be lightened up. An optional covertec wheel is included but you need to drill and tap your own hole in order to mount it.

The total length is 320mm. The outer diameter is just 33mm i.e. max. 35mm. The inner diameter is 28mm. Its weight is 350g. The hilt is able to accept a 1-inch blade and to house electronics. The emitter depth also allows to use a Neopixel pcb and an in-hilt led adapter module by ShtokCustomWorx to choose between pixel blade and regular blade. The hilt is offered as a DIY FX kit. Electronics are not included. The DIY kit consists of:

  • Collectors Box
  • Saber hilt

The hilt breaks down into 22 pieces:

  • Shroud (polished aluminum)
  • Emitter, upper (polished aluminum)
  • Emitter, lower (polished aluminum)
  • Emitter adapter (copper)
  • Blade Plug (polished aluminum)
  • Neck (polished aluminum)
  • Neck (copper, brass, 2 Pieces)
  • Main Body Extension (polished aluminum)
  • Main Body (polished aluminum)
  • Activation Box (polished aluminum)
  • Switch inserts (clear, green, blue, red, 8 Pieces)
  • Covertec Wheel (polished aluminum)
  • Display Pommel (polished aluminum)
  • Sound Vented Pommel (polished aluminum)

First batch is a limited edition of 50 hilts. The kit comes without customization like leather wrapping etc.

This saber is made for display purpose and dueling.

All sales of DIY kits at the website of Watto’s Junkyard will be handled only by Watto’s Junkyard GbR personally. No other party is involved in designing, sales, quality control and shipping, if not explicitly named.

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